Winchester Regional Airport (KOKV)

As of July 2020 Aviation Adventures is offering its newest location in the Main Terminal Building at Winchester Regional Airport, KOKV, approximately 40 miles west of Washington Dulles. Although we are not in our permanent offices yet, we already enjoy being able to create a lively buzz in this formerly (too) quiet terminal. Once you enter through the double doors from the main parking lot, you will notice a relaxed, and simultaneously businesslike atmosphere under the watchful eye of Nick Sabo, the airport manager who does it all. The friendly faces of the ladies at the counter of Winchester Aviation are readily available for fuel requests as you are on your way to the main ramp, where our "SkyVentures" aircraft are parked, only a short walk from the building.
Winchester Airport is strategically positioned outside the Washington DC SFRA. The practise areas are multiple and closeby, barely 5 minutes away, making your flight training from this location a preferred place to pick up your next lesson or for renting aircraft for a flight over the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.
Multiple businesses have based their corporate aircraft already "on this side of the mountain", saving lots of money on operating cost and enjoying the benefits of the ease of traveling in and out of this airport with its countryside like feeling. Maintenance facilities on the field will help expedite clearing up mechanical issues. The avionics shop is right down the ramp to help us with issues in the instrument panel or radio communications. Most of our flight instructors are locally trained and are very familiar with the area.
Winchester Airport offers an ILS, a VOR-DME, and RNAV (GPS) WAAS approaches to both runways. The 5500 ft long runway has plenty of space for takeoff and landing practise or if you need a little more asphalt underneath you in a "bigger and faster" plane. Martinsburg Airport, with its military aircraft is relatively close to practise your tower controlled procedures. Front Royal airport, with its gliders, is nearby to get some shorter runway practise under your belt. Quite the challenge can be found a little further south down the valley, where a little runway is nestled in the mountains. Sky Bryce Golf and Ski Resort with its own little mountain airport offers something new for "the pilot who has seen it all". Grass runways are spread out and accessible for those who are looking for some actual soft field experience, if the conditions are right. To put it all in a nutshell, a little bit of everything within reach for all pilots.
We hope to welcome you soon at our newest location.

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