Warrenton-Fauquier Airport (HWY)

Warrenton-Fauquier Airport is a true "pilot's airport" with an active and friendly pilot population, lots of open hangars with homebuilders eager to show you their airplane project, a "down home" atmosphere, and no congestion.  When you're not flying, you can just hang out on the patio and tell hangar stories.  When it's time to fly, enjoy the 5,000' x 100' runway, freedom from air traffic control, and lack of airspace restrictions.  The student training area begins right at the end of the runway, so you avoid costly transits from the airport to the training area.  Instrument operations and training are enhanced by VOR and GPS approaches at the airport, with a localizer approach slated for commissioning in the near future.  The Aviation Adventures office is in the FBO building on the north ramp.  The coffee is always on, so come fly with us!

 Any pilot flying into or out of HWY needs to have taken the FAA Safety Course for Navigating the DC Special Flight Rules Area.

Want more infomation on the airport?  Checkout AirNav.

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